Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Synopsis

March 12, 2020: Dental Photography for the Contemporary Dental Practice

Our evening meeting on March 12, 2020 was held at The Grand Event Center in Grandview Yard, featuring Dr. Ryan Mizumoto on “Dental Photography for the Contemporary Dental Practice”. He reviewed basic and advanced photography skills and their applications in dentistry. He shared seven reasons why and how photography can improve our level of care.

  • Patient education
  • Patient motivation (leading to case acceptance)
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Lab communication
  • Medical legal documentation
  • Marketing
  • Self-improvement

Dr. Mizumoto discussed equipment and technique for both intraoral and extraoral images. An all-day hands-on course for our study club (doctors and team members) has been proposed for later this year.

Corporate presentations were by Justin Baker of First Merchants Bank and Marc Jasinski of Nobel Biocare.

Guests included Dr. Mark Valrose (Athens, Ohio) and Ryan Huelsman (pre-dent student).

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

The Whiteboard Marketing team tested the members on their knowledge on what online reviews do for a practice. There are three important strategies behind online reviews:

– Serve as a key ranking factor for Google search
– Help patients gain trust
– Help motivate patients to choose your practice

Our winner of the knowledge test received a nice bottle of wine and some very precious toilet paper. Congrats Dr. Salaita!

February 27, 2020: CODF Treatment Planning Session

Our second Treatment Planning Session of the year took place at Dr. Rashelle Salaita’s office on February 27, 2020. This biannual informal session gives members an opportunity to bring and present cases to obtain feedback and recommendations on treatment options.

Challenging cases were presented by:

  • Nick Raptou – Closed vertical case with anterior failing bridge
  • Rashelle Salaita – Malocclusion case caused by sleep appliance
  • Rashelle Salaita – Horizontally impacted cuspid on a 14-year-old
  • Jeff Shirck – Macroglossia and periodontal case complicated by diabetes
  • Aaron Rose – Macroglossia and malocclusion with excessive buccal inclination of teeth
  • Kevin Huelsman – Poor crown-root-ratio of a short implant placed following a failure
  • Fred Sakamoto – Multiple failing mini-implants with full-arch prosthesis
  • Fred Sakamoto – Aggressive root resorption of central incisors on a 14-year-old

Thanks for those that presented along with those that participated in the discussion and
provided recommendations for treatment options.

Dr. Salaita also provided a tour of her office and shared the digital bonding workflow that she has incorporated into her practice for bracket placement. It begins with an intra-oral scan using the Itero Element scanner, then software allows for digital manipulation of the braces on a virtual model. Indirect bonding trays are subsequently printed using the EnvisionTech Vida printer. The braces are placed in the trays and are pre-pasted with flash free adhesive and are then ready to deliver to the patient in one easy step. Dr. Salaita also discussed other applications for the 3D printer such as printing models for clear aligners and retainer fabrication.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

February 13, 2020: Dental Laboratory Technical Update

Alan Banks, CCO, ROE Dental Laboratory

Mr. Alan Banks presented on the newest dental laboratory technological advances that are progressing at lightning speed. Model-free crowns and bridges, 3-D printing of appliances and digital dentures, advanced smile design, SLM laser partial frame, and 3-D facial scanning were some of the topics that were highlighted. He discussed how they are being incorporated into the workflow of dental practices today. Finally, he introduced the CHROME GuideSMILE, an advanced revolutionary reconstruction service on full-arch cases on implants.

A SSC Symposium Update was provided by Drs. Mark Bernsdorf, Beth Loew, and Jeff Kirian

New Member: We welcomed Dr. Ryan Pasciewicz of Central Ohio Endodontics!

Corporate Presentation: Lisa Enneking and Nathalia Black presented on Henry Schein’s newest line of dental implants.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

The Whiteboard Marketing team quizzed the CODF group about local SEO – the process of optimizing all local information to ensure a business can be found. “Own your own back yard!” Our quiz focused on three parts to this strategy: Google My Business, Google Maps Listing and Accurate Business Listings.

Looking forward to another quiz at the next meeting on the importance of reviews.

January 10, 2020: Anterior Composite Artistry & Posterior Composites That Last

Dr. Lee Ann Brady dazzled our study club for the third time with her presentation on the “Artistry of Composites” on Jan 10, 2020 at OSU’s Blackwell/Pfahl Conference Center. She evaluated and compared the different generations of adhesives for both enamel and dentin. Techniques for etching, layering for color and strength, use of matrices, and finishing/ polishing were systematically discussed. She also shared some of her favorite instruments in achieving her excellent results. Finally, Dr. Brady clarified how to decrease post-operative sensitivity and increase the success of these restorations. Dr. Brady’s sharing of knowledge and experience as a clinician and teacher remains among the best.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

December 13, 2019: Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders: How They Affect Your Patients, What You Can Do To Help Them, and Why It's So Important

Caryn Huffman, local speech pathologist and orofacial myofunctional therapist, was our featured speaker for our December evening meeting at the Columbus Country Club. She led an eye-opening and very interactive session discussing signs, symptoms, and causes of orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD). Problem with airway obstruction causes open-mouth breathing which, in turn, negatively affects airway, sleep, swallowing, speech, dentition, and cosmetics. She emphasized the need for knowledgeable multi-disciplinary team members (ENTs, dentists, especially orthodontists and oral surgeons, and speech pathologists) to help treat and prevent OMD. Her handout for her presentation can be found on our CODF website.
(Click here to access the handout.)

The evening was highlighted by a surprise visit from Santa Claus, greeting all of us into the holiday season.

The corporate presentation was by Pam Harmon from Colgate, introducing their new Optic White whitener. Other whitening and sensitivity products were also mentioned.

Jordan Higgins from Orascoptic attended as an evening sponsor. As an industry leader, Orascoptic provides products that achieve superior visualization through enhanced ergonomics, improved magnification, and better illumination.

We also welcomed three guests from Denison University’s Predental Club.

We hope to see you at the February 13th CODF meeting at Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center where Alan Banks from ROE Dental Lab will give us a dental laboratory technical update.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

During the 15 Minute Marketing Corner, the Whiteboard Marketing team quizzed the CODF group about the importance of mobile index friendly websites. The buzzers were a hit and the group learned that more than 52% of all website traffic comes from a mobile device and that mobile devices are used more now than desktop! The winners received Starbucks gift cards. The quiz can be found on the CODF website. Look forward to another quiz at the next meeting!


November 14, 2019: Managing the Oncology Patient Pre- and Post- Treatment

Dr. Dan Reed, previous GPR director at the OSU College of Dentistry and currently at Worthington Dental Group, presented on “Managing the Oncology Patient Pre- and Post- Treatment” at the Grand Event Center in Grandview on November 14th. Highlights included:

  • Oral management of mucositis, pain, infection, and xerostomia as a result of cancer treatment
  • Understanding the oral complications of chemotherapy and radiation therapies
  • Bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis (ONJ)
  • Establishing communication with the oncologist to help manage these patients
  • Review of various cases

The CODF annual award for top attendance for 2018-2019 was presented to Dr. Mark Bernsdorf!

The member spotlight video highlighted Dr. Mark Bersdorf. He advocated and stressed the importance of a high level of continuing education, hard work, and dedication as being the keys to the success of his practice. We appreciate his participation and loyalty to our study club for 20 plus years!

Corporate presentations were given by Joe Pappas of Biolase and Jen Huber of Benco Dental.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

During the 15 Minute Marketing Corner, Shanna Young of the Whiteboard Marketing team quizzed the CODF group about their marketing knowledge. The average score: 7 out of 10! We’ve got work to do! Look forward to another quiz at the next meeting!

Dr. Rashelle Salaita won Brookstone wireless earbuds!

The quiz and powerpoint can be found on the CODF website. We recommend sharing this quiz with members of your team.


October 30, 2019: CODF Treatment Planning Session

Our first Treatment Planning Session of the year was on October 30, 2019 at Spectrum Dental. This informal session gives members an opportunity to present cases to obtain feedback on treatment options.

Challenging cases were presented by:

  • Rashelle Salaita
    • Anterior trauma case in a growing (non-compliant) adolescent
    • Orthodontic retreatment case with poorly placed implants
    • Progressing orthodontic case with idiopathic ankylosis of lower lateral incisor
  • Jeff Angart – Cosmetic case involving orthodontics with tooth spacing and proportion issues
  • Jessica Kile – Malocclusion, cosmetic, and recession case
  • Louis Susi – Trauma and root resorption in 8 year old
  • Fred Sakamoto – Generalized recession with severe staining case

Thanks for those that presented along with those that participated in the discussion and recommendations for treatment options.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

October 24, 2019: Our Evening at The Idea Foundry

The Central Ohio Dental Forum’s Annual Social Event was held on the evening of October 24, 2019 at The Columbus Idea Foundry. For most of us that had never been there (or heard of it), we found this to be an intriguing creative facility in the revitalizing Franklinton area west of downtown. The Idea Foundry has tools and technology along with workspaces and classes to explore new ideas and make things. Along with a tour of this unique place, the evening was highlighted by a virtual reality activity involving walking and jumping off a high rise plank. We also engaged in screen printing the study club logo on tote bags. Of course, we enjoyed great food and beverages, but most importantly, socializing with all that attended.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

October 3, 2019: Endodontic Diagnosis: Basic Tools and Pathology

Our first evening meeting of the year was held at the Embassy Suites Airport on Oct 3, 2019.

  • As a one-time sponsor, Kelly Salvatore from K-Procure described her unique vendor management company which works with dental practices to help consolidate, negotiate, and lower fees and save practice money. She negotiates PPO fees as well as merchandise and lab costs.
  • Members introduction – Each attendee introduced themselves and welcomed new members to our club
  • Dr. Louis Susi, local endodontist and CODF member, presented on “Endodontic Diagnosis: Basic Tools and Pathology”. Highlights included:
    • Being able to diagnose the difference between tooth pain and endodontic pain
    • Understanding periapical diagnosis
    • Knowing the proper radiograph to diagnose endodontic issues
    • Reviewing when and when not to prescribe an antibiotic
    • Understanding endo/perio infection

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

May 9, 2019: Evening of Pearls, Failures and Complications

Our final meeting of the 2019-20 academic year was at the Polaris Brio Tuscan Grille. The evening of “Pearls, Failures, and Complications” allowed the attendees to bring topics and issues to the group followed by an active discussion. The following were discussed:

Rebecca Sexton : Zimmer Biomet App to keep track of your CEs; Encode Healing Abutments for digital impression; Trabecular Metal Implants
Bonita Benzel : Care Credit webinars; team coaching with verbiage training
Donna DePalma : Personal clothier
Larry Kennedy : Importance of medical history and researching medication interactions
Ray Sheridan : Extraction technique to preserve buccal plate
Mark Bernsdorf : Personal follow-up of patients following dental procedures
Chris Masoner : Being prepared and having a plan when medical emergencies and complications arises
Jesse Carmen : Importance of taking a panorex for oral lesions and pathology
Beth Loew : Failing/ailing dental implant
Jeff Kirian : “The Shift”, book by Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson, on complete health centered dentistry
Louis Susi : Case of endodontic misdiagnosis
Tony Lordo : Milllennial terminology
Bob Greene : Medical- dental discrepancies on antibiotic pre-medication
Kevin Huelsman : Anterior trauma case – progression to completion
Kim Laurell : Salvaging/retreating a failing/ailing full-mouth rehab case with multiple implants
Fred Sakamoto, Bob George, Louis Susi : Anterior trauma case with various options on treatment or no treatment
Tim Frey : Diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology lesion (future meeting)

We thank everyone for sharing and participating! Have a great summer!

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

April 4, 2019: Intraoral Scan Bodies in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ryan Mizumoto presented on “Intraoral Scan Bodies in Implant Dentistry” at The Grand Event Center in Grandview. He reviewed the differences between analog and digital implant dentistry. Various digital workflows were discussed in using intraoral scan bodies and digital impression systems for single unit, short span, and full-arch implant-supported restorations. He described how this technology can be incorporated in one’s practice.

Case Discussions:

There were two case discussions following Dr. Mizumoto’s presentation:

Dr. Ray Sheridan – Impacted cuspid

A 52 year old female recently lost a primary cuspid and was informed that the impacted cuspid could not be brought down into the existing arch. Discussion included implant placement following decoronation of the impacted cuspid, orthodontic extrusion, possibility/probability of ankylosis, and fixed bridgework. The consent was to have a CBCT taken and seek a second orthodontic opinion on the feasibility of extrusion.

Dr. Fred Sakamoto – Root resorption of #8

A 18 year old male presented with history of a sports accident on his central incisors, which had endodontic treatment. #8 is presently showing advanced root resorption with discoloring of his crown. Discussion included timing of extraction and implant replacement, various methods of temporization, ankylosis issue, retaining the root indefinitely, orthodontic extrusion, and various final restoration/prosthesis.

Thank you everyone that attended for an interactive discussion about these 2 cases.

The Corporate Corner showcased Jen Huber from Benco Dental. She presented on Benco’s New Gold Select Membership for SSC Members. The program offers a 10% discount on all merchandise, free shipping on all orders over $100, and 1 1/2 bluchips per dollar spent. (Bluchips are rewards point to use towards free service and equipment discounts.) The $99 fee and minimum purchase amount are waived for SSC Members. Contact Jen Huber for more information at or 614.562.6519.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

During the 15 Minute Marketing Corner, Shanna Young talked about website Chat with our members and discussed how Chat on websites has made a resurgence in the past year. Dental patients are online 24/7, with about 25% of web visits coming after hours and 17% on weekends, so it is important for dentists to be accessable when patients are searching. There are many options to chat, including fully-automated to Live 24/7. Contact with any questions.

March 14, 2019: Establishing an HR Compliance System

Our evening meeting on March 14th at the Airport Marriott featured Tammie Maddy from Zimmerman, Boltz and Company presenting various human resource topics, including viewing employees as valuable resources, not expenses. She reviewed some of the Ohio-specific requirements and regulations as well as the five pillars of human resources. These are:

  • Well Written Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Up-to-Date Individual Job Descriptions
  • Good Documentation
  • Compliance Alerts and Updates
  • Ongoing HR Specialist Support

The Corporate Corner Dr. Jeff Hanin was the star of our Member Spotlight Video. Did you know that Dr. Marc Hollander was Dr. Hanin’s family dentist while growing up?

Click here to watch the video interview.

We hope to see you at our next meeting on Thursday, April 4th at The Grand Event Center in Grandview Heights. The meeting topic has been changed from orthodontics to “Intraoral Scan Bodies in Implant Dentistry” and will feature Dr. Ryan Mizumoto.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

During the 15 Minute Marketing Corner, Kristi Simone talked with members about the key changes to Google’s review policy. She recommended that dentists do not incentivize patients for reviews. Dentists also talked about what they are doing to motivate their staff to ask for reviews, especially Google reviews.

The handout for this presentation can be found on the CODF website, Handouts page.

February 21, 2019: CODF Treatment Planning Session

Our second Treatment Planning Session (TPS) of the year was hosted by Dr. Tim Frey and their (Smeltzer, Masonbrink, and Frey Oral Surgery) new business office on Bethel Road.

TPS is our study club’s twice a year session where members bring their own cases to be discussed and treatment planned by our members and specialists in a small and informal environment. Cases were presented by:

Dave Smeltzer – orthognathic and cosmetic case
Monte Masonbrink – severe malocclusion case with orthognathic and
orthodontic consideration
Tim Frey – oral pathology cases with odontogenic keratocyst and
anterior granuloma
Bryan Simone – anterior fused tooth case
Tony Lordo – occlusal and wear case

The presented cases were complex and interesting with much discussion on etiology, diagnosis, and treatment options. We hope to see these cases in the future as treatment proceeds. Thank you for everyone that attended and participated.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

February 8, 2019: Interdisciplinary Endodontics and Sorting Out Tooth Resorption: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Management

Dr. Rick Schwartz, endodontist from San Antonio, Texas, gave an excellent interactive presentation on decision making and treatment planning in endodontic treatment as part of multi-disciplinary dental care. His background as a restorative dentist for 19 years before becoming an endodontist was critical in emphasizing the thought process of diagnosis, case selection, restorative considerations, and execution of the treatment. He reviewed the cases he presented on the basis of “decisions points” of prognosis, long-term benefits and cost. His case-based presentation showed many long-term recalls of treatment.

The second part of the presentation clarified the different types of tooth resorption. He discussed diagnosis, prognosis, decision-making, and clinical management if treatment is completed. All in all, many of us agreed that Dr. Schwartz was one of the most informative speakers we have had present to our study club.

At the lunch break, our members, Bryan Simone and Beth Loew, presented cases involving a fused tooth and several resorption teeth to get feedback from both our study club members and Dr. Schwartz.

Biolase, one of the leaders in dental lasers, sponsored this meeting for the day. Austin Marrero from Biolase gave a short presentation on the indications for their Waterlase lasers (all-tissue laser for both hard and soft tissue) and their Epic lasers (soft tissue laser).

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

January 10, 2019: Course Summary "Controversies in Periodontics: LANAP and LAPIP"

Our evening meeting on January 10th at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center featured Dr. Fred Sakamoto presenting on the current status of the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) for treatment of periodontal disease and Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP) for dental implants with active bone loss. He reviewed the biologic mechanism on how this laser procedure has been effective for arresting infection and bone loss, reducing inflammation, and reducing pockets around natural teeth. Multiple cases were shown. Contraindications and limitations of LANAP were also discussed, along with the lack of extensive research although the histologic evidence for attaining new attachment is available. LAPIP cases were shown, although no definite clinical prognosis and research are available. Guidelines for treating peri-implantitis needs to be developed.

Corporate Corner showcased Justin Baker from First Merchant Bank.

Dr. Marc Hollander presented a single tooth resorption case (lower incisor) which led to an active group discussion on diagnosis, etiology, prognosis, treatment options, and management. Treatment options included
pros and cons on endodontic treatment for different types of resorption, implant replacement (immediate vs. delayed), and orthodontic extrusion. This discussion leads well into our next all-day speaker, Dr. Richard
Schwartz, who will present on the topic of tooth resorption.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

Sean White from Whiteboard Marketing spoke about PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. PPC is an open wallet approach, with the ability to pause, increase or decrease budget at any time depending on seasonality or desired results. Budget amounts for rural areas are suggested to begin with a $500/mo budget, while more suburban areas are suggested to start at $1k and above.

Social PPC was also discussed as a viable way to increase exposure.

December 13, 2018: Course Summary "The Opioid Crisis: Ohio's Current Status and How You Can Help"

Ernest Boyd, Executive Director of the Ohio Pharmacists Association, presented on an eye-opening topic on “Opioid Crisis: Ohio’s Current Status and How You Can Help” at the December evening meeting held at the Columbus Country Club. He showed disturbing statistics and trends that ranks Ohio as among the top states for opioid deaths. The role that the dental profession can have in helping with the problem was discussed. New prescribing limits, alternative or optional drug therapies, prescribing suggestions, as well as precautions for our protection when treating opiate dependent patients were all reviewed.

The Annual Attendance Award was given out for the 2018-17 academic year. Winners were Drs. Nick Raptou and Larry Kennedy. Congratulations and thank you for your participation! Both are repeat winners.

Pam Harmen from Colgate presented on the new Total Colgate Toothpaste, including its benefits and research data.

The Member Spotlight Video for this month featured Dr. Mike Firouzian. He discussed how much his practice has evolved over the years, concentrating today on airway issues and sleep, apneic patients. He shared a strong message to young dentists of how little we learned in dental school and that continuing education and learning never ends. Click here to view the video!

Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

November 15, 2018: Course Summary "CODF Treatment Planning Session"

Our first Treatment Planning Session (TPS) of the year was held at Grove City Center for Dentistry, the beautiful new office of Drs. Brian Simone and Kyle Lowe. Members were definitely wowed during the tour of the new facility!

TPS is our study club’s twice a year session where members bring their own access to be discussed and treatment planned by our members and specialists in a small and informal environment. Case were presented by:

Tony Lordo – full mouth wear case
Brock Satoris – cosmetic and full-mouth case with multiple mini-implants
Rashelle Salaita – orthodontic open bite case with occlusion and TMD issues
Tim Edwards – severe malocclusion case with advanced periodontal disease and full arch splint; upper central incisor root resorption case.

The presented cases were complex and interesting, with much discussion on etiology, diagnosis, and treatment options. We hope to see theses cases in the future if treatment

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

November 2, 2018: Course Summary "Super Conference to Energize Your Team and Thrive in Your Dental Practice"

Our Annual Kickoff Event was held at the Quest Conference Center on November 2nd, featuring two of the top practice management speakers, Kirk Behrendt and Brian Dodge. Their presentation, Super Conference to Energize Your Team and Thrive in Your Dental Practice, emphasized what makes up a successful practice and continual growth. Both presenters discussed professional growth as well as personal growth and the importance of family. Re-energizing your workday and getting more out of life were recurrent themes in their presentations.

Kirk Behrendt hosted the informal question-and-answer doctors’ only session in the afternoon. Topics ranged from profitability, staffing, insurance, leadership, and dental service organizations to practice
transitions and partnerships/associateships.

Tim Timmons, 20-year Major League Baseball umpire, was our keynote speaker. He shared baseball stories along with his message of constant commitment to professionalism. He discussed the difference between being
ready and being prepared and he emphasized that commitment to excellence does not get a day off!

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

Whiteboard Marketing’s afternoon session for front office staff focused on the role the front desk team plays in your practice’s overall marketing strategy. This conversation included explaining social
media, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC advertising, local Google and business listings, and patient reviews.

October 18, 2018: CODF Fall Social Event Highlights 2018

Central Ohio Dental Forum’s members and guests gathered for an exciting and memorable annual Social Event at the landmark Ohio Stadium, known to all of as “The Shoe”. The event was held in the Recruit Room, which hosts Ohio State’s top recruiting prospects, and proudly commemorates OSU’s national titles, Heisman winners, and NFL draft picks. Following the social hour with appetizers and drinks, Ben Buchanan, former OSU punter and current TV college football reporter and analyst, gave an inspirational keynote talk during dinner. Ben shared football stories, including his interaction and experiences with his three head coaches (Tressel, Fickell, and Meyer) and how this experience as an OSU athlete has opened doors for his future career.

The evening concluded with a tour of The Shoe which began by walking through the tunnel through which the players run, followed by the press box, suite clubs, coaches box, and the football field where we walked across the “O” at the 50 yard line. We hope everyone that attended had a great time. Thank you for making it a special and fun evening!


We hope to see you at the Columbus Country Club for our next meeting on December 13, 2018 featuring Ernest Boyd, PharmD!

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

October 4, 2018: The Impact of Sleep Disordered Breathing on Teeth, Jaws and Your Dentistry

The CODF evening meeting on Oct 4th was held on the beautiful campus of the Pontifical College Josephinum, featuring one of our members, Dr. Mike Firouzian. His presentation, “The Impact of Sleep Disordered Breathing on Teeth, Jaws, and Your Dentistry” included recognizing and diagnosing sleep disordered breathing (SDB), nonsurgical treatment options, and preventing destruction and providing maintenance of teeth and dental work as a result of SDB. He shared how he has developed relationships with a number of other specialty health providers to create a team to help patients with SDB. With his office’s dental team present, Dr. Firouzian talked about how they are all involved in patient education in their office.

Three new CODF members were introduced:
1. Dr. Jessica Kile
2. Dr. Don Metnes
3. Dr. Isaac Raptou

Donna introduced the newly completed CODF Website, which was produced by Whiteboard Marketing. Users can access the CODF website by going to Central Ohio Dental Forum.

Access to certain pages (member roster, handouts and online forum) will require user log-in (available to CODF members only). Log-in information has been sent to CODF members via a separate email. Contact Donna if you have any questions or issues.

The CODF Online Forum was introduced by Donna and Kristi. It is an online discussion site for various questions/comments on which members can post. We hope the members use it frequently as a means to obtain input about office management issues, dental equipment, dental cases, etc. As an incentive, those posting or responding to questions on the online forum in the next few months will be entered into a prize drawing for $100 off CODF tuition for the 2019-2020 year.

Dr. Tim Edwards and Kristi Simone presented the KASH4Kidsmile Study Club Competition between the CODF and Sfumato Study Clubs that will be happening over the next 2 months to raise funds for KidSmile, the local pediatric dental clinic. More information will be forthcoming on this.

Finally, Dr. Sakamoto reviewed the remaining schedule for 2018 and spoke about the 2019 SSC Symposium, “Dentist as CEO 2”, encouraging members to attend the January 23-26, 2019 event.


We hope to see you and your team members at our next upcoming event, the CODF Kickoff meeting, on Friday, November 2nd at Quest Conference Center featuring Kirk Behrendt and Bryan Dodge.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

The Whiteboard Marketing team spoke about the importance of blogs and why you should be incorporating blog writing into your overall marketing strategy. Some recommendations include:

  • Post a sheet in your break room and ask your staff to list the most common questions they get from patients. Then write a blog about each question with the answer. Assign a blog topic to each staff member.
  • Record a blog with your team during a morning huddle just like the CODF group did during the meeting. Then, ask someone in your office to “transcribe” the recording and post it as your blog.

  • Try to write one blog and post it on your website/blog page in the next month! Then, share it on your social media channels and email a link to the blog to your patients and referring doctors.

September 27, 2018: Measurable + Unmeasurable = Immeasurable

Central Ohio Dental Forum’s 23rd year started with our ANNUAL KICKOFF MEETING on September 27, 2019 at Bridgewater Conference Center, featuring Todd Williams, consultant and trainer with Four Season Hotel and Resort. He captivated the more than 250 doctors and team members in attendance with the concept that in today’s competitive environment, excellent is the norm and not good enough. Exceptional is the mandatory baseline. He described the difference between behaviors that create temporary satisfaction vs long-term loyalty. He stressed connecting with others at an emotional level. Moving beyond the pursuit of perfection into areas that truly differentiate is key. Mr. Williams truly provided a memorable presentation that may turn out to be one of the best we have ever had!

In the afternoon, Todd Williams conducted a workshop for the doctors only. He discussed that in order to become the best of the best, the key is to differentiate. In order to stand out in the competitive field, leadership is required to create a healthy culture and solid foundation of exceptional quality.

We hope to have Mr. Williams return to Columbus in a few years to continue and reinforce this important message and concept.

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

Marketing Corner

Whiteboard Marketing’s Kristi Simone led a workshop in the afternoon for business office team members regarding comparison of different patient communication systems and how to use it to each office’s full benefit. Communication systems reviewed include SolutionReach, DemandForce, Weave, Lighthouse, and others.

September 21, 2018: Course Summary "Bite Splints In Restorative Practice" by Dr. Lee Ann Brady

CODF’s first all-day meeting for the year featured Dr. Lee Ann Brady presenting about “Bite Splints in Restorative Practice”. This excellent presentation followed her all-day seminar from 2 years ago regarding
occlusion and TMJ disorders. She reviewed the steps involved in the evaluation and diagnosis of the joints, muscle, and dentition. Based on the individual patient findings, she discussed the types, indications and
contraindications, and treatment protocol for the seven different appliance designs that would be appropriate. She stressed how important appliance therapy can be for creating predictable restorative results. An impressive amount of questions and discussions prevailed during the meeting, such that
Dr. Brady never got to her second topic, “Composite Artistry”. She will be returning for a third time to our study club in the near future!

Sponsors for the day were Benco Dental, Whiteboard Marketing, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer-Biomet, First Merchant Bank, Care Credit, Colgate, Kettenbach, and HealthSecure IT.*

Dr. Bryan Simone* was featured in the Member Spotlight Video.* He discussed how he and Dr. Kyle Lowe have taken their long-existing Grove City dental practice to the next level, along with the completion of their
new office facility. Apparently, he also likes to golf! Thank you, Dr. Simone! The SpotLight Video can be viewed here.

We will see you on Friday, November 2nd at Quest Conference Center for our Kickoff meeting!

Fred Sakamoto, DDS, Director
Donna DePalma, Coordinator

Central Ohio Dental Forum
PO Box 698, Lewis Center, OH 43035

CODF Summer Social Highlights - 2018

The 2017 – 2018 Central Ohio Dental Forum year concluded with the annua Summer Social event on June 14th at the Columbus Country Club. It was held on their 11th Tee Shelter House, which is a unique outdoor venue on the golf course with a beautiful view. The weather turned out perfectly for the evening where everyone enjoyed the putting contest, socializing. and sampling the delicious food and beverages.

The winners from the putting contest were:
1st place: Betty Loew
2nd place: Melissa Kirian
3rd place: Chris Masoner

May 17, 2018: I Want a New Drug by Melissa Drum

Dr. Melissa Drum, Director of the Graduate Endodontic Program at OSU and current Director of the American Board of Endodontics, spoke on the latest information on local anesthetic, including the effectiveness of preoperative and intraoperative medications/solutions for patients with painful teeth. She discussed the need for new medications in this era of opioid crisis.

The member spotlight video featured Dr. Larry Kennedy, a long-time member of CODF.  He emphasized the importance of knowing the cost to do business, the need to collaborate with other dentists and the importance for the younger dentists to be lifetime learners.  His interview can be viewed here and found on the CODF website.  Dr. Kennedy’s Spotlight Video

Rebecca Sexton of Zimmer-Biomet presented for the Corporate Corner.  She discussed the new Encode abutments for the Zimmer TSV implants. The Encode abutments, which were previously only available for the Biomet implants, have the capability to digitally scan the Encode without taking an impression with the traditional impression coping.  She reviewed the advantages of this innovating technique.

Finally, the 2018-2019 CODF program and registration materials were given to those in attendance.  Registrations are due July 15th but an early bird discount is given to those registering before then.

Marketing Corner

Whiteboard Marketing’s Kristi Simone presented information on Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google and Facebook and provided recommendations on messaging, graphics and budget. They also requested topics and feedback for 2018-19 15-Minute Marketing Corner

April 13, 2018: Joint Case Review and Treatment Planning / Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Tour
The Central Ohio Dental Forum made another memorable road trip, this time to Cleveland on Friday, April 13th, to join forces with SSC affiliates, Cleveland’s Comprehensive Care Study Group and Canton’s Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum, for an inter-club case review and treatment planning workshop.  In the morning, we met at the Cleveland Marriott Key Center for case presentations by the three clubs.
Cleveland (Dr. Jonathan Ross) – generalized wear case
Canton (Dr. Constantin Farah) – adolescent anterior trauma case, leading to future options of interdisciplinary treatment
Columbus (Dr. Kim Laurell) – orthognathic – prosthodontic case
Lunch featured our popular Name That Tune game of songs from Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, moderated by our Donna DePalma. Our members that participated on each of the teams were Nick Raptou and John Haidet.
We toured the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the afternoon.  Being the weekend of the annual RRHOF Induction, our visit was highlighted by the presence of both Bon Jovi and the Moody Blues at the museum.
Overall, it was a great day with excellent cases, a fun visit to the RRHOF, and most importantly, camaraderie among members of our club and the other clubs.
March 21, 2018: CODF Treatment Planning Session

Our second Treatment Planning Session (TPS) for the year was at Spectrum Dental on March 21, 2018. We had a variety of cases that were discussed by members and specialists in an informal session with much interaction.

Cases were presented by:
Rashelle Salaita                     Beth Loew
Kim Laurell                             Sung Jin Min
Louis Susi                                Tim Edwards
Tim Frey                                  Diane Hughes
Jim Pawlecki
Our next meeting is an all-day meeting on April 13th in Cleveland with two other Seattle Study clubs for a case presentation session, followed by a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  The flyer for this trip and meeting has been sent out; more details will follow.   Please RSVP if you have not already done so.
Our May evening meeting date has changed from May 3 to May 17 (6-9pm); the new venue is the Marriott Airport.
March 2, 2018: The Contemporary Digital Practice - Scanning, Smile Design and Everything In Between
Dr. Paresh Shah, restorative dentist from Winnipeg, Canada, presented on March 2nd at the Pontifical College Josephinum, on the rapidly evolving aspect of dental digital technology.  He reviewed the current available technologies to facilitate diagnosis, treatment planning, and interdisciplinary treatment.  He discussed the digital workflow from patient to lab to patient with predictable esthetic and functional results, and how to implement the digital technology in a typical dental practice, including the involvement of the dental team.  Multiple scanners were brought in for a hands-on workshop.  Scanners included 3ShapeTRIOS, iTero, Carestream 3600, Staumann Dental Wing, and 3M True Definition.  Dr. Shah stressed necessary and enhanced laboratory and specialist communications using these technologies.  Many patients seek dentists who are forward thinking and embracing new technologies.
Dr. Shah’s presentation was sponsored b Kavo Kerr.  Other sponsors for the day were Carr Healthcare Realty, Benco Dental, Whiteboard Marketing, Nobel Biocare, Zimmer-Biomet, First Merchant Bank, Kettenbach, and Patterson Dental.
Drs. Mark and Shayne Fixari were featured in the Member Spotlight Video. They shared their highly successful business model based on systems, training, and leadership.


February 1, 2018: Case Review & Treatment Planning
Member Case Presentation evening on Thursday February 1, 2018 was held at the Embassy Suites Airport.  Cases were presented by:
  • Dr. Daniel Stentz – diagnosis of pathology related to endodontic molar
  • Dr. Jeff Kirian – full mouth rehab case with multiple issues and treatment options
  • Dr. Tony Lordo – “Lordo Technique” of venting of implant crown during cementation
  • Dr. Kim Laurell – full mouth rehab case with issues of vertical dimension, crown lengthening, and provisionalization
Interactive discussion followed with each case to review different options of diagnosis and possible treatment.
The 2018 SSC Symposium updates and comments were provided by those that attended: Beth Loew, Larry Kennedy, Jeff Kirian, and Nick Raptou.
Dean Patrick Lloyd of OSU College of Dentistry followed the second half of the evening with a presentation on the history, plans, construction, and finances for the new College of Dentistry and Postle Hall.  He also reviewed the current and promising future status of the College.
Corporate presentation was by Marc Jasinski from Nobel Biocare.  He introduced the new Trefoil System, a prefabricated full-arch framework on three implants in the mandible.
Our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Name that Tune contest featured Drs. Loew and Laurell vs Drs. Pawlecki and Bernsdorf.  The result was a tie between the 2 teams after a 12-song round.
Marketing Corner

Whiteboard Marketing reviewed patient communication software and provided the pro’s and con’s of each system. An overview of each program can be found on the CODF website.

January 11, 2018: Update in Pediatric Dentistry – Where We Are, Where We Are Going –And Why
Kim Hammersmith, DDS, MPH, MS

Kim Hammersmith, DDS, MPH, MS, from Nationwide Children’s Hospital presented an excellent update on pediatric dentistry at the Quest Conference Center on January 11th.  Her topics included:
  • Pediatric dentistry practice pattern shifting to more corporate practice and over 50% women providers
  • Popularity of in-office sedation/general anesthesia, despite controversy with reported deaths in the office
  • Epidemic state of caries in children
  • Current standard of care on pulp treatment and restorative care of primary teeth
  • Silver diamine fluoride – indications, contraindications, and procedure
She stressed prevention is still the key to early intervention, water fluoridation, fluoride dentifrices and varnish, and sealants.  Some of the new “normal” in pediatric dentistry are caries risk assessment, minimally invasive dentistry, silver diamine fluoride, and new pulpal therapies.  Dr. Hammersmith was very informative and led a very lively and interactive discussion.
Dr. Tim Edwards was featured in our CODF member video interview. His genuine, intuitive, and humorous interview can be viewed on the CODF website.
Justin Baker from First Merchant Bank presented for the Corporate Corner.
Marketing Corner

Whiteboard Marketing’s Kristi Simone and Shana Young presented information on the marketing and social media budget for a typical dental practice.   The budget spreadsheet and an updated generic photo/video release form with a HIPPA release statement will be available on the CODF website, Handouts page.   (Contact Donna at if you cannot recall how to access the handouts tab on the website.  It requires a username and password.)

December 7, 2017: Anatomy of a Breach: How They Hack

Our December evening meeting at the Columbus Country Club featured Russell Howell from Health SecureIT on the “Anatomy of a Breach: How They Hack”.  He discussed:

  • How data breach occurs
  • Cyber and digital risks in a dental practice
  • Measures to prevent data breach
  • Awareness and training in HIPAA and other government compliance measures
  • Building a culture of cyber-security
Mr. Howell concluded by stating that security leadership starts at the top, security awareness starts at the bottom, and everyone in the practice is responsible for cyber-security.  As new technology changes the workflow of a dental practice, one of the changes will have to be a focus on security.  (Mr. Howell’s presentation/handout will also be found on the CODF website, Handouts page.)
Dr. Nick Raptou was presented the CODF Attendance Award from 2016-2017 academic year. Congrats!
A complex trauma case that involves endodontic, periodontic, orthodontic, and restorative treatment was presented by Drs. Beth Loew, Jessie Carmen, Louis Susi and Fred Sakamoto.  This ongoing case includes issues of root resorption, orthodontic intrusion and canine substitution, bone and gingival augmentation, and provisionalization with an ovate pontic.  The completed case will be presented at an upcoming meeting.

The corporate presentation was from Benco Dental’s Jen Huber, explaining Benco’s comprehensive tracking of ordering supplies and equipment, along with their reward programs.

The Central Ohio Dental Forum wishes you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year!
Marketing Corner

Whiteboard Marketing’s Kristi Simone and Shana Young presented information on the marketing and social media budget for a typical dental practice.   The budget spreadsheet and an updated generic photo/video release form with a HIPPA release statement will be available on the CODF website, Handouts page.   (Contact Donna at if you cannot recall how to access the handouts tab on the website.  It requires a user name and password.)




November 17, 2017: A Guarantee of Arterial Wellness: The Critical Role of Oral Health
Brad Bale, MD and Amy Doneen, DNP presented their “A Guarantee of Arterial Wellness: The Critical Role of Oral Health” at an all-day meeting at the Nationwide Conference Center.  The Bale-Doneen Method is a leading-edge, comprehensive, and science-based approach to halt and reverse cardiovascular disease (CVD).  Highlights discussed were:
  • Causes of heart attacks and strokes
  • Red flags for CVD risk
  • Inflammatory and bacterial burden from oral diseases, mainly periodontal disease and endodontic lesions
  • Lab and imaging tests that can help detect early signs and risks of CVD
  • Review of peer-reviewed literature and sharing of actual cases
The Bale-Doneen Method points out that dentistry has a key role in the prevention of CVD. The dental team will be involved in the diagnosis of periodontal disease and endodontic lesions, DNA saliva testing, and subsequent treatment.  The dental office must cooperate, communicate, and even educate our medical counterpart for the involved patient.
The Bale Doneen Preceptorship Program is scheduled on March 9-10, 2018 in Las Vegas for its comprehensive training of the Bale Doneen Method.  They have graciously offered a significant reduction in tuition for our members that attend.
CODF thanks additional sponsors for the meeting, Va-Tech and CardioRisk Laboratories, who performed carotid artery scans for the attendees.  We also want to thank and congratulate Barb McClatchie, DDS, and Eric Goulder, MD, for their new Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio.
Dr. Doneen’s powerpoint presentation has previously been emailed to all CODF members and is posted on the CODF website.  (Contact Donna at if you cannot recall how to access the handouts tab on the website.  It requires a username and password.)
October 26, 2017: Sleep Apnea and Dental Implications
Dr. Evan Tobin, local ENT from Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians, presented a very informative evening session titled, “Diagnosis and Management of ENT Pathology Encountered in a Dental Practice”.  He concentrated on three basic topics as it relates to dentistry:
  •  obstructive sleep apnea
  •  sinus issues
  •  oropharyngeal conditions
Dr. Tobin discussed the clinical signs and symptoms, diagnosis, options for treatment, complications, and maintenance of the variety of conditions.
He noted that dentists often serve as the first line of medical care provider for their patients. Many patients see their dentist more than they see their primary care provider, and therefore, ENT pathology is often encountered during a routine dental appointment. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the 2 specialties to best serve our patients.
Other presentation from the evening included Jason Kiser from Kettenbach and Brendon Purves from Whiteboard Marketing.  The Whiteboard Marketing summary is below, along with an update from the ADA on Find A Dentist.
Drs. Rashelle Salaita and Nick Raptou presented an ongoing complex case which involves periodontal, orthodontic, and restorative issues.
We introduced our theme of the year of going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the spring of 2018, by having a “Name That Tune/Artist” contest involving RRHOF inductees from 2000-2002.  Nick Raptou and John Haidet were impressive in this round by easily defeating Bob Green and Bill Waddell.

Finally, the Marketing Corner presentation by Whiteboard Marketing addressed how Google has announced several changes this year to your local marketing strategy.  We have outlined a few of most important strategies for you to focus on.

Google Posts + Messaging
Google is now allowing businesses to “post” information that looks like an ad. This is a great way to advertise for “free” on Google maps listings.  This feature is managed through a company’s Google My Business Page.
Also through Google My Business page, companies can turn on text messaging.  Activating this feature allows patients to text the practice directly from the practice map listing.  We recommend that if you enable this feature, always make sure the person who receives the text messages is truly tied to the practice.  We recommend that the dentist is the person who responds to these text messages give that that feature is turned on 24 hours per day.
ADA Find-A-Dentist
We recommend that all ADA members log in and update their profile.  Doing this will enable your practice information to be listed in the ADA ‘s new Find-A-Dentist directory.  Dentists simply need to go to or directly to the ADA website to update their profile.
Since the presentation on October 26th, our ADA contact emailed us to let us know the Credential Verification process will be removed as of 11/31 because it was too confusing to dentists.  This credentialing process will be a separate service moving forward.

Know your target audience. Who are your most important customers, clients or prospects, and why? Know what is important to them and address their needs.

September 29, 2017: KICKOFF: How to Increase Case Acceptance for Quality Dentistry When Everyone Wants a Bargain/Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle
The annual Central Ohio Dental Forum Kickoff was once again held at the Bridgewater Conference Center in Powell with over 220 attendees of doctors and team members.  David Schwab, Ph.D., spoke on “How to Increase Case Acceptance for Quality Dentistry When Everyone Wants a Bargain”.  His talk included marketing issues such as developing brand identity, effectively using social media, improving verbal skills, identifying and developing team leadership.  Dr. Schwab was humorous and provided numerous useful pearls to attain increase case acceptance.
The keynote was provided by Dr. Steven Devor, exercise physiologist, who also spoke last year at our Kickoff meeting.  His presentation, “Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle”, discussed practical nutritional information that simply stated that one cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. Some “pillars” of healthy eating are choosing food that are:  plant strong (from the ground), nutrient dense (not refined, processed and packaged), whole foods (whole, fresh, natural, unprocessed)
Dr. Devor also stressed eliminating added sugar and obtaining healthy fats. Finally, he discussed his Dirty Dozen and the Cleaner 15 food groups.
During lunch, a 12-member an a capella group, the Scioto Valley Chorus, entertained us with songs they subsequently performed at an international competition in Las Vegas, where they placed 5th out of 36 groups.
Lastly, Whiteboard Marketing facilitated an hour-long workshop with the front office team members to discuss phone strategies.  Understanding that the initial call into the office is the lifeline of the practice, the attendees identified goals and “talking points”, created answers to patients’ most commonly asked questions, and practiced virole-playing.  The team members learned to apply the GGASS strategy.
May 5, 2017: High Strength All-Ceramic ZirconiaCrown/Bridges (Hands-On)
Dr. Ariel Raigrodski presented at the OSU Fawcett Center on May 5th, regarding strengths and esthetic comparisons of conventional PFM restorations with all-ceramic restorations, including the CAD/CAM all-ceramic zirconia-based crown and bridges. He reviewed the ongoing research, treatment diagnosis, preparation design, dental lab communications, and bonding/cementation choices and techniques. Hands-on exercises involving tooth preparation in the afternoon (sponsored by 3M) reinforced the morning discussion.
The meeting opened with the study club and Whiteboard Marketing video contest. Dr. Ray Sheridan and his office took the coveted first place prize. Great job by them!
Dr. Steve Walton was featured in our monthly member interview/video.  He stressed the need for all of us to be life-long learners in the fast-paced ever-changing dental industry.
We concluded the day with the celebration of Cinco de Mayo with margaritas and chips/salsa.
April 27, 2017: The Role of Inflammation in the Development of Atherosclerosis And Oral Health
Our last evening meeting of the year was held at Creekside Conference Center and featured cardiologist, Dr. Eric Goulder.  He discussed the inflammatory states that can affect the atherosclerotic process in the coronary vessels, the current methods of monitoring levels of inflammation, and its implication with dentistry.  Dr. Goulder described the difference between reactive and preventive therapy in cardiology and introduced the Bale-Doneen Method.  Drs Amy Doneen and Bradley Bale will be speaking to our study club in November 2017.  Lora Boukheir, RDH, from Dental Hygiene Excellence further discussed the oral-systemic relationship with the various periodontal pathogens.
We concluded the evening with an anterior implant complication case that was brought to our study club by Daniela Hendrickson of Northwest Ceramics almost 2 years ago, and recently completed by Dr. Nick Raptou.
March 2, 2017: Case Review and Treatment Planning

At the March 2, 2017, meeting, held at the Brio at Polaris, we continued with the Pearls/Failures topics from our January meeting:     

  • Tim Edwards – Tuttlenumbnow- local anesthetic technique
  • Chris Masoner – Using custom-made anterior heat cured temporary crowns for larger cosmetic cases
  • Larry Kennedy – LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)
  • Daniela Hendrickson – implant/lab planning, complication, and communication
  • Fred Sakamoto – HIPAA compliance     

Prizes for the top 4 Pearls/Failures were handed out to Jim Pawlecki, Tony Lordo, Diane Hughes and Rashelle Salaita.     

Case Presentations were by:     

  • Jeff Kiran – open bite/macroglossia case
  • Kim Laurell – orthognathic/implant/prosthetic case, plus 1 year follow up
  • Kim Laurell –  technique for posterior composite for worn dentition

Corporate Presentation by Marc Jasinski of Nobel Biocare.  He discussed multi-unit plus abutments and On 1 concept for posterior wide implants.

Member video: Dr. Jeff Kirian. Thank you for your insight and participation. We learned all about Kobe beef!

Whiteboard Marketing presentation by Kristi Simone:

2017 is being considered as the year of video marketing, with 74% of all web traffic moving towards video.  But, adding videos to your dental practice marketing mix can be an overwhelming concept as it can be difficult to know where to begin.  Start out by taking simple steps – use your iPhone to video simple events at your office and then post the video on your Facebook page (and other social media pages, your website, YouTube page (yes you have one if you have a Google+ page), blog and newsletter.

So, we are challenging all CODF members to take one video and post on your practice Facebook page between now and April 20.  You could win BIG.  Check out the details below:

  • Take one video from your smartphone between now and 4/20.
  • Post on your Facebook page (and other social media pages)
  • Email Donna (or send her the video)
  • A non-biased top-secret committee will watch all and select the best 3 to show at the 4/27 meeting
  • CODF members who attend the meeting get to vote on the winner.

And, the winner will get . . .

Universal Tripod stand for smartphones and tablets and wireless microphone!

February 17, 2017: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Worn Dentition (Hands-On)
Dr. Bob Margeas, restorative dentist from Des Moines, Iowa and one of the most sought-after speaker in the Seattle Study Club network, presented to our study club for the second time for an all-day meeting titled  “Diagnosis and Treatment of the Worn Dentition” on February 17, 2017, at the OSU Blackwell Conference Center. Dr. Margeas reviewed the types and etiologies of worn teeth, discussed the use of posterior composites to help phase the treatment of full-mouth worn dentition rehabilitation cases, and facilitated the posterior composite hands-on session which was sponsored by 3M. Finally, he shared with our group his dental hygiene production and bonus protocol in his private practice.  Dr. Margeas led a very interactive discussion with our members and left us multiple take-home ideas and recommendations of products, material, and technique.
The meeting was started with Dr. Brad Fulton’s member video, which highlighted his passion for learning, balance in life, and just having fun. Thank you, Brad, for sharing your thoughts and inspiration!
January 12, 2017: Pearls and Failures
Our Pearls/Failure Evening was last Thursday night at the Nationwide Conference Center in Lewis Center. Thanks to those that presented and participated!

Clinical cases that involved either or both Failures and Pearls were presented by:

  • John Haidet – endo/apico case
  • Diane Huges – lab and cosmetic case
  • Jim Pawelcki – ailing implant case
  • Tony Lordo – challenging crown and bridge and lab case
  • Rashelle Salaita – orthodontic relapse case
  • Fred Sakamoto – anterior implant cosmetic case

Other Pearls were presented by:

  • Jeff Kirian
  • Larry Kennedy
  • David Pipitone
  • Rebecca Sexton

We did not completed all the Pearls/Failures that evening so we will continue this at the March evening meeting. Once again, this interactive session generated much discussion on these topics and cases.

Corporate presentations were presented by Justin Baker (First Merchant Bank), Jason Kiser (Kettenbach), and Kristi Simone (Whiteboard Marketing). The Whiteboard Marketing topic was about Pay Per Click advertisi n g.

Pay-Per-Click marketing allows dentists to “own” the page for the key search terms patients use to find a new dental practice or service. PPC advertising is 1.5 times more likely to convert a “click” on the ad into a new patient visit. Understanding how to build your practice PPC initiative, create the ads, monitor your budget, analyze results and apply those findings to your overall marketing strategy are important steps in generating new patient traffic.

Finally our member video featured Dr. Jim Pawlecki. Thanks for sharing your story and journey with us!

CODF Meeting Synopsis: December 15, 2016
Our recent meeting was held at the festively decorated Columbus Country Club. We started the evening with our Member Video featuring Dr. Betty Loew. Thank you to Betty for sharing her insights and thoughts about her professional and personal life. This was the third of our member videos (previous ones were Nick Raptou and Kim Laurell). If you missed any of these, they will be found on the CODF website ( in the near future.

Our annual Attendance Award for the most meetings attended in the 2015-2016 year was presented to Dr. Mark Bersdorf.

Matt Fisk from Benco followed with the corporate presentation. He described the 3 significant changes and increase in use that they are seeing in the industry: lasers, intraoral scanners, and cone beam 3D.

  1. Solea Laser – Dentistry’s first and ONLY CO2 laser for hard and soft tissue. Profound analgesic effect. Solea dentists are reporting upwards of 90% anesthesia free procedures.
  2. Scanners – Matt spoke about 3M vs the Carestream 3600. 3M has a portable (tablet) system now for $17,999. The camera is small like a standard intraoral camera, but it does require a light dusting of powder. The Carestream 3600 is more expensive ($35k) and larger, but it is full color and powder free. It goes head to head with the Trios scanner but without the costly annual fees.
  3. CBCT – Vatech released a CBCT unit called the i3D SMART. It takes the 2D and 3D scan in a single rotation so no more taking 2 separate scans. It’s a 12×9 scan, and it has a very low price-point (around $65k).

Donna introduced the CODF “Chatroom” Forum (found on the CODF website), which will hopefully be a useful tool for CODF members to create further online discussion and conversation about a variety of dental related topics.

Kristi Simone of Whiteboard Marketing presented on the importance of the phone calls as it relates to marketing in the dental office. She emphasized the need for tracking and listening to the calls and developing a plan for utilization of this information. 70% of the patient’s buying decision is already made before they contact your practice. Dynamic Call Tracking helps dentists track, record and listen to incoming phone calls and conversations. Learning from these recordings and training your team mean the difference between converting a prospective patient into a newly scheduled patient. Why invest in marketing if you are not going to confirm which efforts are paying off. Think of the example we discussed: If you have 25 prospective patient calls and you only schedule 10 appointments, don’t you want to know what happened to the other 15? And, don’t you want to know what messaging resulted in the appointment for the 10 new patients?

Finally, our featured speaker and member of our study club, Dr. Brad Purcell, presented on ”Digital Workflow for Natural Tooth and Implant Dentistry”. He discussed the current technology of the intraoral scanner ( IOS), along with its uses for both treatment planning and restorative treatment. The integration of the IOS with CBCT technology was discussed. He elaborated on the advantages of IOS for convention restorative treatment vs conventional impression making techniques. Finally he reviewed how this digital workflow can be applied and utilized in a restorative practice. His handout will be available on the CODF website.

We will see you at our next evening meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2017, at Nationwide Conference Center for one of our most interactive session. Please be ready to share a “pearl” or a “failure” that you have encountered in your practice.

Synopsis of CODF Treatment Planning Session - November 30, 2016
For those that attended the Treatment Planning Session (TPS) last Wednesday at Carmen Orthodontics, thank you for your cases and participation resulting in very active discussions.

  • Jeff Kirian – Multidisciplinary restorative/prosthetic case
  • Brian Simone – Post oral cancer (and recurrent) prosthetic case
  • Daniel Stentz – Pre-eruptice caries in a 12 year old
  • Rashelle Salaita – Orthodontic case (extract or not extract) with restorative implications
  • Nick Raptou – Post oral cancer treatment case with rampant caries
  • Fred Sakamoto – Single implant anterior soft tissue dilemma case

We will see you on Thursday, December 15 at the Columbus Country Club at 6 pm for evening meeting, featuring Dr. Brad Purcell and “Digital Workflow Utilizing IOS and CT Technology”

October 13, 2016: Dr. James Rocco: "The HPV Epidemic and Oropharyngeal Cancer"
October’s evening meeting was held at the new and impressive The James Hospital – Comprehensive Cancer Center on the OSU Medical Campus. Dr. James Rocco, Professor of Otolaryngology and Director of the Division of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery, spoke on the topic of HPV epidemic and oropharyngeal cancer. He updated us on the clinical presentation, risk factors, psychological stress, survival rates, and prevention by vaccination on the HPV-related oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. He discussed various modes of treatment for this cancer, including robotic surgery. Dr. Rocco shared cutting-edge research on de-intensification of therapy and identification biomarkers.

Finally, we took a 15-minute tour of the floor of Head and Neck Oncology. We want to thank Dr. Ted Teknos, previous speaker for us and Chairman of Department of Otolaryngology, for this opportunity to hear Dr. Rocco and visit their department.

​Marketing Corner ​ Synopsis Whiteboard Marketing discussed the importance of developing a strategic marketing plan for 2017. This plan should include practice marketing goals, strategies to help achieve those goals, and key measurables. ​ ​ Budget planning and marketing calendar development steps are included.

​A Practice Marketing Workbook​ and Budget Planning Template can be located in the HANDOUTS portion of this website

September 23, 2016: KICKOFF Meeting
Central Ohio Dental Forum’s Kickoff meeting opened up our 20th year at the Bridgewater Conference Center on Friday, September 23rd. Our main speaker, Craig Karges , entertained us with his “Experience the Extraordinary and Ignite your Intuition!”, by combining the art of magic with the science of psychology and power of intuition. He dazzled the audience with his magic, mind reading, table levitating, and impression creating. His message included untapping the hidden potential of the human brain . He discussed how to improve memory, make better decisions, and be more creative with ideas. All of us left mesmerized with his unforgettable performance.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Steve Devor, delivered a powerful message on exercise being our best medicine that would reduce the risk of many health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, including anxiety and depression.

We will see you on the evening of October 13th at the James for our next meeting on oropharyngeal cancer and H ​PV​ by Dr, James Rocco.

September 1, 2016 - “How to Bring in More Patients Through Google”
Whiteboard Marketing discussed the importance of developing a strategic marketing plan for 2017. This plan should include practice marketing goals, strategies to help achieve those goals, and key measurables. Budget planning and marketing calendar development steps are included.

Click here to download the handouts from the meeting!

April 27, 2016: Treatment Planning Session
Our final Treatment Planning Session (TPS) for the year was completed at Spectrum Dental on April 27, 2016.

Cases presented and discussed were by Jeff Kiran (combination syndrome case), Rashelle Salaita (localized short or resorbed roots in a 12 year old), and Kim Laurell (perio-pros case with implants). Other discussion topics included mini-implants, Spirix (NSAID intranasal spray for moderate to severe pain), and fixed-removable hybrids.

April 8. 2016: Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry - Dr. Lee Ann Brady
The Blackwell Conference Center – OSU
Dr. Lee Ann Brady presented an excellent course on the often confusing topic of occlusion. Her delivery was smooth and her knowledge on the topic was exceptional, including some “groundbreaking information”. Here are some of the highlights:

  • • The discussion on occlusion includes a triad of the joint, muscle, and tops of teeth.
  • • Regarding the joint, she reviewed the patient interview and exam process, medial and lateral poles issues, and disc displacement disorders. Dr. Brady stated, “don’t treat the joint based on the noise…it is historical anatomical damage information.”
  • • Regarding muscles, she discussed anatomy, range of motion, and palpation techniques.
  • • She reviewed the 6 types of appliance therapy, including indications and contraindications.
  • • Finally she shared information regarding her CE courses named Clinical Mastery Series (

In conclusion, Dr. Brady stressed that malocclusion does not cause TMD. It is not how your teeth touch but how much it touches. We cannot eliminate patient’s parafunction. The best we can do is slow down what is probably going to get worse.


March 10, 2016: Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
Cincy Kleiman, RDH from Phoenix, presented to CODF on Thursday, March 10th on the topic of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office. The interactive program with a humorous approach was well received by the group. She offered many pearls and practical hints. Several highlights were:

  • • Over 50% of emergencies in a dental office happens to the doctor or staff
  • • Every member of the dental team must be fully versed in emergency procedures and equipment
  • • Introduced an emergency equipment monitoring schedule and plan involving all team members
  • • Reviewed a typical dental emergency kit
  • • Reviewed the use of AED
  • • Reviewed CPR
  • • Discussed the management of cardiac arrest, diabetic hypoglycemia, syncope, asthmatic attack, seizure, and anaphylaxis
  • • Reviewed the use of the EpiPen
  • • Provided medical history questions for each of the emergency conditions discussed

Ms. Kleiman’s handout is available on our website 
We thank Erin Packard and Philips Sonicare for the program sponsorship.

Whiteboard Marketing presented on the topic of Search Engine Optimization (and why it should matter to you)
SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website that you have earned through the organic web searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are specific strategies you can implement to achieve higher rankings on Google search. Please see ​the ​PowerPoint presentation​ on the CODF website HANDOUTS tab​ for a step-by-step guide.

October 28, 2015: Treatment Planning Session
A Treatment Planning Session was conducted last Wednesday, October 28, at Dr. Jeff Shirck​’s ​new Westerville office. Thanks for those that presented a case: Jeff Kirian, Tim Edwards​,​ Jeff Shirck, Daniela Hendrickson, Kim Laurell, and Rashelle Salaita. All the cases generated comprehensive discussion and input from everyone else present. Hopefully we will see some of these cases after treatment is complete.
October 8, 2015: The Art of Removal, Adjusting, Finishing and Polishing Various Restorations
Our first evening meeting of the 2015-16 year was at the Polaris Hilton. Following an introduction of all the attending members, we reviewed the entire program for the upcoming year, and the Attendance Awards from last year were presented to Drs. Steve Walton, Larry Kennedy, and Jim Pawlecki.

We started the evening with our new Marketing Corner by Kristi Simone from Whiteboard Marketing, on the topic of Patient Review Program and On-line Reputation Management. The handouts from this presentation can be found on the CODF website under the HANDOUTS tab.

What is the 15-Minute Marketing Corner? During select meetings, Whiteboard Marketing will speak about one marketing topic that is relevant to your practice. Whiteboard will discuss the topic, such as generating patient reviews, for eight minutes and then answer any questions for seven minutes. Over the course of the year, we will address the following topics:

  • How to build a patient review program in your office
  • How to get more likes on your Facebook page
  • How and what to post on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Google +)
  • The importance of Search Engine Optimization and local search efforts
  • Key elements to include on your website for Google and your patients
  • How to implement an email campaign for your patients
  • Internal marketing – how to get your team to talk to your patients about marketing initiatives
  • Traditional marketing (direct mail, advertising, billboard, etc.)

Our main topic for the evening was ‘The Art of Removal, Adjusting, Finishing, and Polishing Various Restorations” by Sam Hall of Brasseler. His presentation featured both the electric handpiece and various burs by Brasseler. A hands-on demonstration followed for those that were interested. All those that attended this evening meeting selected and should have obtained sample burs, compliments of Brasseler. Any question regarding this, please contact Sam.

April 24, 2015: Dental Malpractice: Avoiding the Inevitable
Fawcett Center, OSU
We welcomed malpractice attorney Mr. Art Curley, from San Francisco, on April 24th at the OSU Fawcett Center. He delivered an informative and entertaining presentation that covered a variety of topics involving dental malpractice and successful risk management. He covered issues including standards of care, scope of practice, general practice vs specialist, recordkeeping, informed consent, informed refusal, HIPPA laws, and new technology. In this era of digital dentistry, he discussed the law of confidentiality in the digital age, issues with web marketing and social media, digital records and imaging, 3D cone beam, and CAD-CAM.

Mr. Curley provided many tips to apply to our practices which related to the classic saying, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. He emphasized the need to create a “circle of influence” among colleagues to assist each other in handling and treating complications.

For those that missed the course, perusal of his handout (which can be obtained from our website) is strongly recommended. We also have in our study club library a past DVD featuring Mr. Curley from a previous SSC Symposium.

April 15, 2015: Treatment Planning Session
Office of Spectrum Dental, Worthington

The second of this year’s Treatment Planning Session (TPS) was at Spectrum Dental in Worthington on April 15th. TPS provides an informal and “safe” environment allowing one to bring their own case to be discussed by others and specialists. TPS are generally the most interactive and informative meeting for the members, whether one brings a case or just participates in the discussion. Cases were provided by Steve Walton, Beth Loew, Jesse Carmen, Kyle Lowe, Kim Laurell, and Brad Purcell. The cases involved multidiscipline interaction of endodontics, implants, orthodontics, prosthetics, and periodontics.

March 13, 2015: Team Treatment Planning and DVD
Team Treatment Planning / DVD at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

We made our memorable road trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton for a meeting with Canton’s SSC Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum on March 13. Dr. Constantin Farah, Director, and Randa Farah, Coordinator, were great hosts for the entire day of activities. In a workshop setting, 24 of our members and 35 members of the Canton study club treatment planned four cases, two of which were complex multi-disciplined cases – one involving missing lateral incisors and one involving a failed (fractured) implants case. All of the cases were well documented with good photography, and the discussion sessions were well organized and informative. Our own, Dr. Kim Laurell presented one of the complex multi-disciplined case, which generated much discussion.

The 2-hour bus trip started with breakfast on the road along with a DVD session featuring Dr. Frank Spear speaking about occlusion related clinical failure. Following our case presentations and during lunch, we watched a NFL blooper tape and had a very interesting presentation by the museum staff on rare NFL items not on display in the HOF. We then toured the museum, highlighted by an IMAX-type of movie on the 2013 NFL playoff games and Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. Our road trip back featured the Ohio State National Championship game on DVD, highlighted by an impromptu reading of the poem Ode to the Buckeyes by Dr. Mark Bernsdorf.

All in all, it was a great day in making our study club event different and interesting. At least the attendees now know about the Columbus Panhandles and the Nesser brothers.

February 12, 2015: Dental Dilemmas III
Northeast Conference Center, Westerville

Dental Dilemma III occurred on February 12, 2015 at the Northeast Conference Center where we discussed two dental dilemmas – cracked teeth and bite appliance therapy. The discussions started in small group interactive workshop setting, followed by large group dialogue.

The bite appliance therapy discussion included etiology, diagnosis, types of appliances, appliance design, length of treatment, fees, and results. TMJ, muscular, and bruxism issues were also discussed.

The cracked teeth discussion included etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment sequence and options. The group identified when to retain and treat a cracked tooth, and when to extract.

The meeting started with short corporate presentations by Jen Huber of Phillips and Matt Marks of Biomet 3i. Progress on the ongoing trauma case of the 10 year-old was presented by Louis Susi and Jesse Carmen.

January 8, 2015: Anticoagulants and the Dental Practice
Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

Cardiologist, Michael Jennings, MD, presented regarding the current concepts on anticoagulants and the dental practice. He reviewed the mechanism of action of anticoagulants, along with several recently approved alternative drugs. He discussed the interruption of anticoagulant therapy for dental treatment, including the use of “bridging” utilizing short-term acting agents in place of longer-acting drugs.

Justin Baker from Commerce Bank opened the meeting with a short corporate presentation.

January 2015: SSC Symposium
SSC Symposium at Amelia Island

We returned last weekend from the 2015 SSC Symposium at Amelia Island with several of the members. As always, it was an awesome meeting, all on business issues, along with memorable keynotes and entertainment. The DVDs for the meeting will be available for the members, upon request, by the end of February.

Next year’s Symposium will be at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, Jan 25-30, 2016. It will be the during the whale season and maybe the lava will be flowing from Mt Kilauea. Hope to see more of you there. Details will follow.

October, 15, 2015: Treatment Planning Session
Office of Dr. Jeff Angart, Blacklick

The first of two Treatment Planning Sessions (TPS) was at the office of Dr. Jeff Angart in New Albany on October 15. TPS provides an informal and “safe” environment allowing one to bring their own cases to be discussed by others and specialists. Cases were provided by Larry Kennedy, Beth Loew, Chris Masoner, Jesse Carmen, Tim Edwards, Kim Laurell and Fred Sakamoto. TPS are generally the most interactive and informative meeting for the members, whether one brings a case of just participates in the discussion.

December 11, 2014: Evening of Failures
Brio Polaris

Failure/Complication Night turned out to be a successful evening of active discussion as members “stepped up” to the plate to show failing cases. Louis Susi, Beth Loew, Jessie Carmen, Kim Laurell, and Fred Sakamoto were presenting members. Covered cases included peri-implantitis, fractured implants, misdiagnosed oral lesion, orthodontic option for missing lateral incisors, and restorative complications. We discussed why the case failed, how to correct it, and how to prevent it. We acknowledged that these types of cases are certainly great learning moments, sometimes more than the successes. These cases will soon be on the CODF website. The evening began with corporate presentations by Pam Harmon of Colgate and Marc Jasinski of Nobel Biocare, who also contributed a failing implant case for discussion.

November 20, 2014 - Dr. Rafat Amer
October 31, 2014 - Dr. Joyce Bassett
The Blackwell, Columbus

Dr. Joyce Bassett, an OSU graduate, returned to her roots on October 31, to give an all-day presentation on cosmetic dentistry at the Blackwell Conference Center on campus. She was greeted by several of her classmates from the class of 1983 with a slide show of those crazy years in dental school. Currently practicing in Scottsdale Arizona, she will be the next and first female president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Her presentation began by describing her journey from dental school years through the rigorous process of achieving fellowship at the AACD and now teaching at the Kois Center. Her lecture concentrated on anterior cosmetics with ceramic crowns and veneers, followed by composite restorations for the anterior and posterior teeth. She showed and discussed techniques, complications, and failures. The excellent photography in her presentation was noted and commended.