Mission Statement

Central Ohio Dental Forum Mission Statement

To provide a high-quality education in the concept of “university without walls” in order to help the member dentist become the best she/he can be both professionally and personally.

Organizational Goals:

  • Provide excellent CE opportunities so that members can fulfill both licensure and AGD awards requirements and provide excellent care to their patients;
  • Strive to grow our membership annually
  • Increase website information
  • Offer a mobile phone app
  • To learn and share information from informal group discussions and case presentations
  • To enhance the coordination of treatment between offices and increase the effectiveness of our patient education and communication

Educational Goals:

  • To become more comfortable with treatment planning and the treatment of complex and comprehensive cases;
  • To be informed of new concepts, products, techniques and treatment modalities;
  • To emphasize multidisciplinary interaction for treatment planning and treatment of cases;
  • To be informed of and able to discuss controversial issues in dentistry;
  • To be proficient at diagnosing existing dental and oral conditions.