Member Benefits

What are the benefits of CODF Membership?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Central Ohio Dental Forum! 

  1. Exposure to a wide network of national and local experts in the dental industry.
  2. Interaction with local dentists and specialists who can relate to your successes and challenges.
  3. Collaborate with local dentists and specialists as in a safe, positive environment and gain insight into specific cases.
  4. Build a network of friends and colleagues in the dental field.
  5. The opportunity to learn about treatment planning for member cases, or present your own cases during a Treatment Planning Session.
  6. Access to the Seattle Study Club resources such as the Journal, Expert Tips, Practice Inspiration videos and Seattle Study Club Annual Symposium.
  7. Exposure to CODF sponsors and vendors who specialize in the dental field and offer occasional discounts for study club members.
  8. Get updates with the latest technology, products, techniques, and concepts in dentistry.
  9. Understand and share ideas of dentistry as a business.
  10. Improve and maintain your personal growth.

For more information about joining the Central Ohio Dental Forum, call us at 614-781-5905 or email us at